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This is Houston’s only website dedicated to providing Houston area home buyers, sellers, and homeowners with independent, unbiased information about slab-on-ground foundations for single family homes. There are two reasons this website is needed.

First, Houston is known for foundation problems. There are so many foundation repair contractors that it is hard to keep track of them. There are no licensing or registration requirements so there is no way to know how many people or companies are in the business at any point in time. While there can be no reliable count, there are a lot of them for the simple reason that there is a lot is potential foundation work to be done. There are radio, television and Internet ads being broadcast constantly. Some companies use celebrities to push their company or product. There is a lot of money spent every year on foundation repair, much of it wasted.

The second reason this site is needed is that there is a huge amount of information about foundations in Houston that is misleading and, in many cases, flat wrong. 

We started this site around 25 years ago. For years it had 38 pages with each page answering a specific question. In 2014 one of the engineers behind the site, R. Michael Gray PE, was named Houston’s Slab Foundation Expert by Houstonia Magazine (August 2014) on the basis of the site.  

Today the site has 125 pages and is known as the place to get information about slab-on-ground foundations in the Houston area.

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