1. Managing slab foundation liability

Managing slab foundation liability

Is it possible to manage your liability related to slab foundation inspections? Not only is it possible, it is one of the most important skills you must master if you are to survive and thrive in this business.        

The articles listed below contain knowledge and information on this vital subject that was gained in over 30 years of experience making TREC Home Inspections and structural engineering foundation inspections.

The pages/links below:

The pages and links below can be read or studied in any order. Each was written as a self-contained article so each can be  read in isolation. That said, there is nothing wrong with reading each in order starting from the first.

But, there is more

There is an accompanying PDF file that you can download free of charge, I also plan to make a video for each of the pages listed below. In addition, our plan is to write more of these articles in the weeks and months ahead. If you would like to receive a weekly tip concerning slab foundation inspections, just click the link provide us with your email address.     

Why the concern over slab foundations?

What makes me qualified to discuss this?

Understanding why lawsuits happen

Legal arguments versus jury arguments

Product liability versus standard of care liability

Facts about lawyers, judges and courtroom procedure

Legal arguments that might be available

Advice on writing a defensive report 

Pay close attention to your client      

Common misconceptions about slab-on-ground foundations

Distress commonly assumed to be due to foundation movement     

Slab foundation second opinion triggers

Handling an unhappy client

TREC SOP slab foundation distress overview

Your performance opinion

Why you need to stay away from the repair question

How to recommend a second opinion

What you need to know about elevation measurements

Industry standard practices related to foundation performance

An inside look at the foundation repair business


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