Help For Home Buyers

Help For Home Buyers

Houston home buyers are often faced with the fact that the neighborhood they want to live in is populated mostly with houses with foundations that have been repaired in the past or will probably be repaired in the future. Those buyers need the help that only a Professional Structural Engineer can provide. Questions this website can help answer include:

How do you know when you need an engineer to make a foundation assessment for a house you are interested in and when you do not?

How exactly can an engineer help in the due dilligence or option period

How does an engineering report differ from a home inspection report?

How does an engineering report differ from a Foundation Repair Report?

How do you go about selecting an engineer?

When should you simply walk away from a house?

What tell-tale signs should you look for when walking a house?

How to scrutinize a Seller’s Disclosure Notice and ask questions about it?

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