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Help for homeowners in Houston & Southeast Texas

If you are like most homeowners in Houston and Southeast Texas, you know that houses  in this area are plagued with foundations move around and shift. Foundation movement can result in irregularities, distress and outright damage to the house. Sometimes even to the foundation itself. If the main source of information about slab foundations and foundation repair is from the foundation repair industry, you may be a sitting duck for a pier salesman.

What you learn from foundation repair company ads can be misleading

The problem is not that the ads are false. Many are literally true, but some implicitly make promises that cannot be kept, some invite misinterpretation, and many exaggerate potential benefits while neglecting to explain the risks involved.

This is not to criticize the repair contractors; the are only doing what any business would do in their situation: the ads are designed to get you to call to make an appointment. From the repair company’s perspective, those ads work, but if you do not know what questions to ask, how to read a repair agreement, how to tell if you are getting what you paid for, etc, you are likely to make a huge mistake.

What you need to know to protect yourself

At a minimum, you need to have a basic understanding of how slab foundations work, an independent honest unbiased appraisal of how much benefit you are likely to see, what the risks are and how the repair business works.

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