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We could fill volumes with misinformation we have heard agents tell their clients. It is usually not the agent’s fault. The problem is that there is a lot of bad information out there, some of it pushed by repair contractors and some by engineers who should know better.

Let me give you just one example that we hear at least once a week:

There are two types of houses in Houston, those that have had foundation repair and those that will.

This is complete nonsense. What crystal ball does this person use?

One reason we created this site was so agents would have a good source of reliable information concerning slab-on-ground foundations. Feel free to direct your clients, both buyers and sellers, to this site for independent, unbiased information about slab foundations. You be the provider of the information they need; let us be the source. It is more professional and better for your clients. This is, after all, our area of expertise, not yours.

Once you have seen the value of this site, we encourage you to place a link or links to the pages on the site. When you do that, text me at 281 358 1121 and I will add a link from this site to your site identifying you as someone who has linked to our site. That would be a “win” for both of us and for your clients.

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