Options For Improving Slab Foundation Performance

Options for improving slab foundation performance

Many houses in the Greater Houston Area will experience foundation performance issues during their useful life.The foundation performance issues experienced can range from hairline cracking that is difficult, if not impossible, to reliably attribute to foundation movement (or any other specific cause) to severe cracking in drywall and brick veneer accompanied by wood framing members being pulled apart.Such a wide range of performance problems dictate a wide range of options to address the issue.The options available include the following:

Taking no action at all

This is a perfectly acceptable option so long as there is no structural damage.  In our experience, this is also the most common response when the damage due to foundation movement is minor.

Non-structural remediation measures

Non-structural remediation measures include vigilantly watering the foundation during dry periods, making occasional cosmetic repairs, improving and maintaining drainage around the foundation, removing trees and/or large shrubs and making changes in the finishing of the house such as changes in wall coverings.

Structural remediation measures

Structural remediation measures applicable to slab-on-ground foundations usually include what engineers refer to as structural underpinning, grouting and mudjacking, crack injection and tendon stressing.

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