Slab Foundations

Why a website on slab foundation performance, maintenance, and repair?

The main reason we created this site is that the large majority of people are either completely uninformed about slab-on-ground foundations or, even worse, what they “know” is wrong.  One thing we have learned, and relearned, over the years is that the average person knows nothing about slab-on-ground foundations except what they learn from ads from foundation repair companies and what they pick up around the office water cooler. These are not reliable, unbiased sources of information about foundations. What most people think they know about slab foundations is just plain wrong.

Why you should have a basic understanding of slab on ground foundations.

Not understanding how your foundation works, how it should be maintained and how and when it should be repaired, can cost you a lot of money and grief. Houston homeowners spend money every day, sometimes big money – tens of thousands of dollars, on foundation repairs that not necessary and are sometimes even counter-productive.

The information in this website can help you be a more knowledgeable and more prudent buyer of foundation repair services.

Our goal is not to sell anything. Our goal is to provide you with independent, accurate information about slab-on-ground foundations so you can make informed decisions related to your foundation, arguably the most important structural component of the house.

The fact is that most Houston homeowners will never need to repair their slab foundation.

If you just follow some simple maintenance recommendations, have realistic expectations concerning how your foundation works and the house reacts to foundation movement, have realistic expectations about what foundation repair can and cannot do, and understand when foundation repair is necessary and when it is optional – you and your bank account will be much better off.



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