Three types of slab foundation reports

The three types of slab foundation reports

Home buyers, sellers and agents have to deal with inspection reports in virtually every transaction. With regards to foundation reports, there are three types, home inspection reports, reports made by foundation repair contractors and engineering reports.

These reports may look the similar on a superficial level, but they are profoundly different. They answer different questions. Here is quick summary:

(5) Deficiency‐‐In the reasonable judgment of
the inspector, a condition that:
(A) adversely and materially affects the
performance of a system, or component; or
(B) constitutes a hazard to life, limb, or
property as specified by these standards of
(6) Deficient‐‐Reported as having one or more

§535.228. Standards of Practice: Minimum
Inspection Requirements for Structural Systems.
(a) Foundations. The inspector shall:
(1) render a written opinion as to the
performance of the foundation; and
(2) report:
(A) the type of foundations;
(B )the vantage point from which the crawl
space was inspected;
(3) generally report present and visible
indications used to render the opinion of adverse
performance,such as:
(A) binding, out‐of‐square, non‐latching
(B) framing or frieze board separations;
(C) sloping floors;
(D) window, wall, floor, or ceiling cracks or
separations; and
(E) rotating, buckling, cracking, or deflecting
masonry cladding.
(4) report as Deficient:
(A) deteriorated materials;
(B) deficiencies in foundation components
such as; beams, joists, bridging, blocking, piers,
posts, pilings, columns, sills or subfloor;
(C) deficiencies in retaining walls related to
foundation performance;
(D) exposed or damaged reinforcement;


Home inspection reports

Let’s start with home inspection reports. These are used almost all transactions. The minimum requirements for the content of these reports are governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, specifically, through the Standards of Practice for Real Estate

Those standards address the minimum actions must take and the things that must be addressed by the home inspector in his or her report.



Foundation repair contractor reports

Engineering foundation reports


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