What is slab foundation failure?

What is slab foundation failure? It is not what you think – then again, maybe it is

Here is the standard definition of failure as applied to engineered products including foundations: any engineered product has failed when it does not meet expectations.

That sounds simple and clear, but consider this: expectations are subjective. they depend on each person’s education, training, and past experience. Concerning slab foundation performance, the expectations of a person who have lived their entire life in an area where the soils are stable are going to differ from the expectations of a Professional Structural  Engineer who has:

  • designed numerous slab foundations
  • understands the strengths and weakness of the design methodology
  • made tens of thousands of foundation performance assessments
  • understands how slab foundations are built
  • understands how they work
  • understands how they interact with the supporting soil
  • understands how slab foundations interact with the frame structure
  • how the frame structure interacts with the finish materials such as brick veneer, drywall and floor tile


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