3. What makes me qualified?

 What makes me qualified?

Fair question. After all, I am not an attorney and I am certainly not an attorney specializing in  legal issues regarding home inspections or even foundation inspections. That said, I do bring a perspective that no attorney can bring.  

The fact is that very few attorneys understand your business or mine. They tend to think of home inspectors as a type of blue collar technician. In reality, home inspectors are more like paid consultants. A technician fixes things; home inspectors tell buyers what they think, they give opinions and advice; they do not fix or repair things. 

Surprisingly, attorneys do not always understand how the law applies to Home Inspectors. They are likely to need some help from you.      

Two lawsuits

I have been served twice. One suit was dismissed never to return. The other went to trial but was settled at the order of the judge. Since I had insurance for this case, I decided to learn as much as I could from the experience.

Expert witness in numerous suits

I cannot count how many cases in which I have been a designated expert witness. I have learned something new from each case. I am not a lawyer and do not aspire to one. I do, however, bring a different perspective that I am convinced most home inspectors would benefit from.

A good lawyer can be of enormous help in addressing and resolving a legal problem such as a lawsuit. I can help you understand the process and show you ways to avoid lawsuits and reduce potential monetary losses should you get caught up in s suit.   

The three technical areas you need to understand

There are three technical areas you have to be familiar with to become a master of evaluating the performance of slab-on-ground foundations.

The conceptual model that underlies the design procedure for slab-on-ground foundations in expansive soils.

Do not let this intimidate you, there is no need for any math other than very simple math. If you took algebra in high school, you are in fine shape. If not, it is still easy to learn what you need. 

How slab foundations are constructed and finished.

You can learn this from watching YouTube videos or by watching several slab foundations as they are constructed.  

How slab bending distorts a wood frame structure.

This is the most problematical aspect for a non-engineer, but it is not that hard to learn what you need to know.   

We will review what you need to understand to make a TREC required foundation performance opinion that is defensible.  

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